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New to Etsy

Hi Friends ~

I have been working on these Sweet Christmas heart ornaments for a couple of weeks now.

They can be made with lace or without.  I will be posting a Folk Heart tomorrow ~

Size is 4.5″ x 4″

Cost is $7.00 each with lace  ~  $6.50 without lace.

This is the back of the ornaments ~

They are now in my Etsy store.

Please visit me at ~


Have a wonderful week.

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Our Home ~

Fall 2016 & Hydrangea

Good Morning Friends ~

I started decorating a bit for the fall season ~ just a few pictures of the family room ~


I love this pumpkin ~ I purchased this years ago at Yankee candle ~

It looks so sweet at night when the candle is lit.

The fall mantle ~


A few close ups ~


I brought this last year from Michael's
I brought this last year from Michael’s
Full shot of the Family Room
Full shot of the Family Room
Pillow from Pottery Barn
Pillow from Pottery Barn

Now for the Hydrangea ~

I wanted to display these beauties perfectly, and I hope I did ~

I have a pretty blue & white umbrella holder ~ it is perfect.




The colors are beautiful.  Thank you so much Diane for these beautiful flowers.

After trimming them back there were a few little pieces left over.

The guest bedroom is green & pink – they look perfect in the room ~


A few more pictures of this sweet little basket.

Have a wonderful Monday ~

Much love,



Sunday Reflection 9/25/16


Happy Sunday Dear Friends ~

I will be sending you all the fruits of the Spirit, one by one in the next few weeks

I feel the first fruit we should read about is the fruit of “LOVE”


Now, why is it that the fruit of the Spirit is love? Because God is love (I John 4:8).

And what does that mean?

It is the very nature and being of God to delight in communicating Himself. God has no selfishness; God keeps nothing to Himself. God’s nature is to be always giving. You see it, in the sun and the moon and the stars, in every flower, in every bird in the air, in every fish in the sea. God communicates life to His creatures. And the angels around His throne, the seraphim and cherumbim who are flames of firewhere does their glory come from? It comes from God because He is love, and He imparts to them part of His brightness and His blessedness. And we, His redeemed children-God delights to pour His love into us. Why? Because, as I said, God keeps nothing for Himself. From eternity God had His only begotten Son, and the Father gave Him all things, and nothing that God had was kept back. “God is love.”

Isn’t it wonderful how much God loves us all.

This is so true how we find God in so many things, and if we really look we can see Him in each other.

Have the best day.

Much love,


Love & Family

Beautiful Sunday in the North East

Hi Friends ~

Pete & I met good friends in Saratoga today.  We had the best day just walking around this beautiful town.

My friend Diane has the most amazing gardens filled with hydrangea ~


Yes ~ she brought me the perfect bouquet of hydrangea today from her garden.

Aren’t they beautiful  ~

We continued our visit walking around Saratoga and stopping for lunch at Jacob Anthony’s.

Can’t get much better than this.  The weather was perfect 70 degrees and so sunny.

Great visit with you both.  xoxo

Hope you had a wonderful Sunday as well.

Much love,


Our Home ~

Office/TV Room Reviel

Hi Friends ~

Well it’s finally finished ………..YEA……….. and another beautiful job by my friend Barbara ~

She does the most amazing work ~ She made the curtains, and the pillows ~

I did the cross stitch & the quilted pillow, but she put it together for me.

office-31 office-30

The white pillow is from an antique embroider table cloth.  And of course Barbara found just the right place to put the embroider flower.


Purchased this on Etsy here is the link ~

I love how the curtains came out – I had a vision and she brought it to life.


How we did the window treatments:

Barbara  brought all ready made lace curtains.  She removed 16″ from the top of the curtains then attached the blue & cream material ~ almost making it look like a valance.


Thank you so much Barbara!!!

You always do the most amazing work.

Just a few more pictures of the finished room ~

office-33 office-32 office-28 office-27 office-26 office-25


Have a fantastic day.

Much love,



Sunday Reflection 9/18/16


My dear friends ~

If you are willing for Jesus Christ to live His resurrection life in and through you, you will bear spiritual fruit as naturally as a healthy vine will bear an abundance of fruit.

Jesus said, “By this My Father is glorified, that you bear much fruit; so you will be My disciples.” You can be a great preacher, a Christian scholar, a deacon or elder, attend church meetings daily, live a clean, moral life, memorize hundreds of verses of Scripture, direct a church choir, and teach Sunday school, but if you are not bearing fruit in the sense that you are introducing others to Christ, you are not filled and controlled by the Holy Spirit according to the Word of God.

I truly believe these words ~

Remember the fruits of the Spirit are:









Until next Sunday I leave you with these 8 fruits.

I know one of them will pertain to you.

Have a beautiful week.

Much love,




Sunday Reflection 9/11/16


Good Morning Friends ~

The one fruit I am beginning to know so well is the fruit of patience ~ These past few week have truly made me realize how being patient has brought me to a place of peace.

Peace is a good thing,  when you have peace you become calm,  becoming calm makes for a healthy body which I am truly hoping for.

Whatever the outcome I feel at peace.   Because of the fruit of patience.

~Thank you Holy Spirit ~

What Does ‘Fruit of the Spirit’ Mean?

When Christians speak of the work of the “Holy Spirit”, they are speaking about the operations of the Spirit of God in the material world we live in, and within us. But God the Holy Spirit isn’t here just to hang out, or to do a miracle for sport, or bliss someone out for an hour or so. The Spirit is there to cause things to happen in peoples’ lives that bring them more in tune with God’s purposes on earth (and beyond). Words like ‘result‘ or ‘outgrowth‘ help us little to envision this. When the Spirit starts changing someone, it shows as a growth in character, a change in their way of life that is good for the people they live among. They start actually being the person of love God calls us to be. This change in character and way of life breeds ‘fruit of the Spirit’, like the fruit grown by a tree can feed people and wildlife, and fuel the next generations. From ancient times to today, abundant fruit from an orchard is seen as cause for hope and celebration. Abundant spiritual fruit also breeds hope and is well worth celebrating.

Have a wonderful Sunday.

Until next time ~

Much love,



Sunday Reflection 9/4/16

holy spirit 2


Good Morning dear Friends ~

Today is a personal journey for me.   I start with trusting in the Spirit, which I have.  Last Thursday I was put to the test.  I have some liver issues, and with these issues I have a tube going from my liver through my bile duct and into the lower intestine.  I prayed to the Holy Spirit asking whatever He wanted to happen would happen.

I was going back to the hospital to have the original tube removed/or replaced.  I was very nervous for the outcome.  Going into the procedure room I spoke with the Dr. he wanted to look at the site before making his decision.  I was OK with him replacing the tube and hoped that would happen.  It did…………

This means I will have the tube in again until September 29th or until this Dr see fit for it to come out.

With the Holy Spirit’s help I was able to feel calm with this decision.

Pouring It In

The Spirit pours faith into us. The tactics will be different from one person to another. It may be through a sermon, a worship service, a youth event, a song, a testimony, an act of kindness, a relationship of love, a struggle of conscience, a brush with disaster or insanity, a steady gradual series of changes, a blissful ‘peak experience’ moment, a shaken-up charismatic experience, or a whisper calling to you from inside. In that faith, we can be happy — even daring — in our relationships with other people, because the Spirit is working through us, and that will not come to naught.

My experience was the whisper calling from inside to trust Him.   I did and the outcome was what I hoped for.

Wishing you the best Sunday ever.

Much love,



Almost Finished

Good Morning Friends ~

Well we are 90% finished with the office/tv room ~

I do want you all to see the pillow I made for our new couch, and a few finished pictures of the room

pillow 3

My good friend Barbara is making the curtains and putting together the 3 pillows I have asked her to make for this room, but here is the quilted pillow I made.

We have not put the pictures on the wall at this point, but you can get a little idea of how it is going to look.

I wanted the tray on the bench to go with the rest of the room so I cut a circle out of one of the materials I used in the pillow and decoupage it into the inside of the tray.  I love how it came out.

Also in a few week I will have these cute little pillow in my Etsy store.  They will be Christmas ornaments ~ These match my fabrics in the room.

Just a few more pictures of the pillow

pillow 1pillow

Have a beautiful Saturday

Much love,