How I became to know the "Holy Spirit"

Sunday Reflexion

holy spirit~The Heart of the Spirit is in all of us ~

Good Afternoon My dear Friends~

I have been thinking of sharing something very personal with you all ~

This summer I have come to learned more about the “Holy Spirit” – I have been reading about (him/her) for a few weeks now.

The grace I have received is undeniable, and for this I want to share what I am learning.

My sister Cathy contacted me and said she thought it would be so wonderful to share this on my blog ~

One of the things I have read is ~

The Spirit’s Witness

The Spirit is at work, showing us what Christ has done, and how that makes a difference in what’s going on around us. The Spirit’s witness to Christ doesn’t function like a hypertext link. One doesn’t click one’s mouse or tap on the screen on the Spirit’s doings and get taken to the front page of Jesus’ Cyber-salvation Web Site. First of all, your mouse-clicking takes more initiative than you can take in restoring your relationship with God (or, in church-talk, it’s God’s grace in Christ’s work on the cross that saves you, not anything you do). Second, the Spirit leads us into Christ’s presence and Christ’s character, two things that don’t pop up on a screen and say ‘I’m here’. Then, the Spirit works to get our own Web Site to take on the character that others would recognize as Christ’s, for instance, by removing the annoying banner ads for the causes and ideas we’re stuck on, or the irritating pop-up windows with our excuses, or the sneaky spy cookies that gather the information we might want to use against others. The Spirit is trying to push this Body of the Scared past their fears into full contact with the rest of reality, especially with other people who are not aware of Christ, or who hear the Name and yawn.


“The Holy Spirit does his work by making Christ present among us, and Christ can do his work on earth only by being present in his Holy Spirit.”

I would like to make this a Sunday post – so all who are interested please tune in.

Have a wonderful and amazing day.

Much love,


Our Home ~

Update on Office/TV Room

Update on Office/TV Room ~

We have been looking at different swatch samples, and I think we are going with neutral tones with a bit of navy.

I have a few updates and would love to share them with you.

The sleeper sofa ~ source ~

office 7

Not sure on the material yet, but it will be one of the below ~

The material swatches are free at Wayfair and Birch Lane

office office 6

The coffee table ~ source ~

office 8

And the rug ~ A bit of navy  ~ source ~

office 9

I will make the curtains, and the pillows for the couch.  I am using a drop cloth for the curtains, and will be stenciling a design onto it.  Not sure what stencil I am using yet.   I have a table cloth, and a pillow case I purchased from Etsy that will be incorporated into both the pillows, and the curtains.

office 3

For the curtains ~ source ~

office 2

Envelope pillow using this pillow case. ~ source ~

office 1

This will also be used in making the curtains.

More updates to follow in the next weeks

Have a wonderful weekend.

Much love,