How to create a wall collage

Good morning friends ~

I have always wanted to do a wall collage of family pictures ~

hall 1

This is one view of the beginning of my wall collage ~ I think I have 1 family picture in all these photos, but many memorable pictures so far.

I guess there is no particular right or wrong when trying to create a wall collage.

Pete & I decided to put all the pictures on the floor ~

We moved the pictures around until we were happy with the way they looked ~ I then took a picture using my phone of how we were going to hang them on the wall, which was very helpful when we started to remove the pictures one by one.

hall 4

This was our inspirational picture, this was the first to go onto the wall.  I saw this many years ago in a sweet little craft store and wanted it so badly ~ It reminded me of Kristin & Aly when they were little.  Pete brought it for me the first Christmas in our new home.  It is called “First Snow”

hall 5

Another special picture is from our Godson – It’s a “Thomas Kinkade” the name is “Foxglove Cottage”

hall 2

This picture our oldest daughter Kristin took and gave to me one Christmas.   It was so special to see this picture again, it is of our first home in upstate NY.

Enjoy your day ~


Much love,