Our Home ~

How I decorate our home

Dear Friends ~

Today is going to be a bit of an incite on how I decorate our home.


OK here we go ~

pickmonkey 3

Here we see the mantle completed, but how did I get it that way?  Well it was not just put there, one, two, three.  I’ll put a few things that I like in place, and then I step back, and look.  Sometimes I like what I see, but most times I have to walk away then enter the room again (this gives me a fresh look) I move things around until it looks just the way I want it to look.

This can take a couple of minutes, and even when I think its good, I’m still tweaking it for a few day.

pickmonkey 4

In this picture there was no garland.  (The little flower buds in the background)

Just putting the garland, and a string of small lights makes it pop when dusk set in.

pickmonkey 1

Adding height, and a pop of color will also help.

Most of the colors are cream, and a bit of brown & beige (the angels) so adding the red clock and the dark blue bear brings in the colors from the room.

pickmonkey 2

Adding texture to the mantel with the tin candle holder adds dimension ~

Hope this can help you with your mantel, or anything you are trying to create.

Have a fantastic weekend.

Much love,




“Florida Room” board challenge

Good Morning Friends ~

I love putting a room together, and determining how to bring out the best in a space, so when Douglas Elliman Real Estate invited me to participate in a “Florida Room” board challenge, I was so excited to give it a try!

They have such beautiful Florida properties, which gave me lots of inspiration for my post!

A Florida Room to someone living in the North East would have to be a 3 season room ~

To start it would have to have a fireplace ~

florida room fireplace

~ Source ~ The Endearing Home   http://www.theenderinghome.com

There would be beautiful flower boxes ~ like these

~ Source ~ Pinterest
~ Source ~ Pinterest


I would use a beautiful rug.  I am partial to the color blue, so it would look something like this

florida room - pottery barn

~ Source ~ Pottery barn



This room would have to have comfortable furniture, but also be beautiful.

Notice the blue again ~

~ Pottery Barn ~
~ Source ~ Pottery Barn


I would love to see 2 rocking chairs ~ something like these

 ~ Birch Lane ~
~ Source ~ Birch Lane


Some accessories would be this planter.  I would use this as an end table with a glass top.

florida room 1

On the table would be a lantern or two ~ something like these



~ Source ~ Pottery Barn
~ Source ~ Pottery Barn


I hope you have enjoyed looking at this challenge.

I hope it has inspired you to think warm weather when it is not so warm all the time.

Have a wonderful sunny day

Much love,




How to create a wall collage

Good morning friends ~

I have always wanted to do a wall collage of family pictures ~

hall 1

This is one view of the beginning of my wall collage ~ I think I have 1 family picture in all these photos, but many memorable pictures so far.

I guess there is no particular right or wrong when trying to create a wall collage.

Pete & I decided to put all the pictures on the floor ~

We moved the pictures around until we were happy with the way they looked ~ I then took a picture using my phone of how we were going to hang them on the wall, which was very helpful when we started to remove the pictures one by one.

hall 4

This was our inspirational picture, this was the first to go onto the wall.  I saw this many years ago in a sweet little craft store and wanted it so badly ~ It reminded me of Kristin & Aly when they were little.  Pete brought it for me the first Christmas in our new home.  It is called “First Snow”

hall 5

Another special picture is from our Godson – It’s a “Thomas Kinkade” the name is “Foxglove Cottage”

hall 2

This picture our oldest daughter Kristin took and gave to me one Christmas.   It was so special to see this picture again, it is of our first home in upstate NY.

Enjoy your day ~


Much love,





Time to say Good-Bye

Good Morning All ~

Today is our last full day in Beautiful California ~

We stayed at this wonderful Air B&B in Pasadena – It is an original 1913 Sears Craftsmen Home.

The home was beautiful, and the grounds as you can see just as beautiful.

We had the girls & Brian over for dinner last night ~ Had a wonderful time.

They have a day filled with lots of surprises for us.

Pete is playing racquetball now with Jenny, Brian & ALy ~ Next is lunch, and I think a place to get ice cream & some special donuts.  Here come the pounds, but worth it.

Then not sure what the rest of the day will entail, but just being together is enough for me.

Here we are the 6 of us at a real cute pub.


We had the best day so many memories.

Now I would love to share this amazing Craftsmen Home with you

Here are pictures of the outside and the grounds ~

Now for the inside ~

Enjoy !!!

Have a wonderful day.

Much love,