Arlington Gardens Pasadena California

Good Morning All ~

Today Pete & I are going to Arlington Gardens in Pasadena California.

Here we are sitting in one of many meditation areas.  The gardens are just beautiful.

Along the path we came upon the “Wish Tree Garden” As you can see many wishes are put onto these trees.  It was very touching.

We then noticed this amazing wildflower meadow ~ the flowers are so beautiful walking through this area.

A few more pictures of this beautiful spot in Pasadena, California

Wishing you all a very Happy Easter and a wonderful day.

Much love,



Beautiful California

Good Morning My Friends ~

Today I would like to share with you some pictures of our visit to California ~

I went to lunch with my beautiful sister Mary Ann ~

We went to Cordiano Winery, an intimate family owned winery in Escondido Ca.

We sat for 2 hrs and just enjoyed each other and these wonderful views.

california 5

Just a few more pictures of this amazing winery.

Having a wonderful visit with my sister and her husband

Next up will be our girls and of course Brian.

Talk to you all real soon.


Much love,


A Little bit of Spring

Good Morning My Friends ~

Today I want to share a little bit of Spring ~

As you enter our home ~~~

spring door 11

This is on the patio door.

spring door 10

So here we go ~

I had the basket on the front door, but everything else including the little basket on the door to the patio was $32.00 which includes the ribbon, flowers and the cute little sign that say “Happy Easter”  Not bad for a day out shopping.

All was purchased at Hobby Lobby.

Here are a few other shots of spring.


I love the softness of the colors, so spring…

Enjoy your day

Much love,