Until we see you again

Good Morning My wonderful friends ~

We said goodbye to Kristin & Jenny on Christmas Day ~ they are beginning their journey to Los Angeles, CA.   We will miss them terribly, but it’s a new journey for them, and we wish them so much love and happiness.

They will be moving very close to Alyson and her boyfriend Brian, which makes us very happy ~


Sisters should always be close, and I know they are.  They love each other so much, and this I know for sure, because I have 7 sisters, and I know that feeling of love.

We will be visiting them every year for 1 month and this will be quality time that we spend together.

Kristin & Aly ~

I will miss you both from the bottom of my heart, but my wish for you both is to be happy with everything you chose to do in your lives.

God Bless & protect you always.

Jenny & Brian ~

Until we see each other again, I send you so much love and thank you for taking such good care of our girls.

Much love,




















Love & Family

Awaiting our girls & Brian

christmas 3


Merry Christmas my dear friends ~

How do you spell out how much you love your children?  One can not say, because they are all so dear and precious to us.  Even when they are 35 & 29 you still see them as little girls waiting for Santa to arrive.

I miss them every day & then some.  As I begin to prepare for their arrival my heart is filled with so much joy & excitement.

Aly & Brian arrive at JFK on Tuesday morning.  They will be picked up by Kristin & Jenny – oh I forgot and Clark too.  Aly & Brian’s cat.

They go back to Kristin & Jenny’s for a couple of hours, so Clark can run around, since he was in his little crate for 6 hrs.

Then they all leave to come upstate for Christmas.  Kristin & Jenny will close the door to their first place together.  They will be moving to California the day after Christmas – Cross country adventure.

The only way I am getting through this is I know they will all be near each other that in itself make me very happy.

It will be very tough to say Good-Bye to all of them, my heart will probably sink to the floor on Christmas morning.

My prayer for them is that God will always keep them safe and that they are happy always.

Until the day after Christmas, I wish you lots of love, joy & peace in your hearts this beautiful Christmas Season.

Much love,





My new theme

christmas mantel 7

Good Evening Everyone ~

Well the blog is fixed and I have my new theme –

I hope you all enjoy looking at it – I did notice that the pictures look clearer, and the pictures are a bit bigger.

The little hearts are just what I have been looking for, and the color scheme is perfect.

Have a wonderful tomorrow.

Much love,




Error on my blog

christmas 2015-32


Hi Everyone ~

I am having some blog difficulties – they are being look at and will have a prettier blog when this is all finished.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Much love,



Christmas in our Family Room


Happy Sunday Everyone ~

So this is our last stop at the Russos home.

I kept the Family Room for last because our Christmas tree is the shining star.  What would Christmas be without the tree.christmas 2015-24

A few close up pictures of special ornaments ~

Remember the tool box from Magnolia Market –


This is why I love things like this ~ you can use it from season to season.  This was so easy to create – I had a piece of garland I was not using.  I took it apart and use it inside the box.  I love that it had so many apples and pinecones ~

This sits on the coffee table ~

christmas 2015-20

The wall unit houses a set of my special blue & white dishes ~ The room is open to the Dining Room so using the dishes inside the wall unit makes sense.

christmas 2015-18

Close up of the top of the wall unit ~ So many little snowmen …..

christmas 2015-19

Made this snowflake pillow last year using buttons.  I saw this on “Stone Gable”

Purchased the Joyeux Noel at Pottery Barn

Here are the directions for making the pillow


My welcome pillow was made by my friend Barbara – I made the Welcome cross stitch –

Merry Christmas and a Happy & healthy New Year.

Much love,






Christmas Printables

Good Morning My Dear Friends ~

I came across these beautiful Christmas printables from a blogger I follow.  They look so pretty in my entryway ~

christmas 2015-46


The frames receive a new printable every season ~

Two more close up shots. ~~

christmas 2015-47christmas 2015-48

Enjoy your day everyone.

Much love,



Christmas in the Kitchen 2015


Good Morning ~

I will now be taking you for a small tour of the kitchen –

I do lots of baking and preparing in this small kitchen, and that being said not too many decorations will be found in the kitchen – but the ones I have I would love to share with you.

This usually holds our bananas and pears and maybe some tomatoes, but this looked so sweet, I had to find a new place for the fruit.

christmas 2015-4

As you can see the kitchen is opened to the Family Room & Dining Room, so it doesn’t need to have that many decorations – As long as I can see the Christmas tree from where I am cooking or baking ~ Well that makes me very happy.

Here are a few more pictures of our kitchen –

Enjoy your day today – Hope it’s sunny by you –


Much love,



Christmas in the Dining Room

Good Morning Everyone ~

Christmas in our Dining Room is very simple – Not too many decorations go into the dining room –

I keep the tabletop the same all year – I love my wine bottles/candles and the center arrangement is too pretty to put away.

The bottles have paraffin and a thick wick – the wick is connected to a ceramic holder.

When lit they look just like a candle ~ so pretty.

This Dining Room set was given – to me by my father-in -law.  We had it refurbished to a darker stain.

This is something you keep in the family from generation to generation.

christmas 2015-38


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


The buffet table is decorated with greenery, lights and yes …. my little snowmen.

The large snowman is new this year.  Every year I buy a new snowman, usually not this big, but when I saw him – well you have to admit how cute he is ~ the rest of the things I have collected over the years.

The believe  box is one of my favorites ~ this also stays up all year.

Wishing you the best day.

Much love,



Christmas Mantel 2015

Good Morning Everyone ~

I thought I would do something a little different this year.  I have decided to take you for a tour of our home one day at a time.

Today I will share our Christmas Mantel ~

I made Kristin & Aly’s stockings some 30+ years ago ~

Jenny’s was added 3 years ago, and Brian’s is new to the mantel this year.

It’s the treasures we have from year to year that make our Christmas home special.

Christmas mantel
Christmas Mantel 2015

I have collected these little snowmen for so many years.  They are all so different, but nonetheless so special to our Christmas story every year.

The garland is a plain piece of greenery with a strand of 50 lights.  I just added a few faux apples & a few pinecones –

Enjoy your day today –

Listen to some Christmas music – say something special to someone you love.

Much love,