Had to share this pumpkin

Good Morning Friends ~

I had to share this pretty pumpkin with you all.

I found this at Yankee Candle many years ago, but after arranging my fall decorations this one really makes me happy.

It holds a votive candle, and just looks so pretty at night.

pretty pumpkin 2

Here are 2 more pictures from different angles

Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Much love,


Love & Family

Saying Good Bye

squeeks 1

Hello my friends ~

Today I must share sad news – We had to put our sweet little cat to sleep.   We have had the pleasure of her company for 17 years.

She was the best little girl – she knew how much we loved her, and that was enough for her.

She was with us all the time.

I miss her so much, but know this was the right decision since she was so sick.

Even though she was in pain she still tried so hard to be herself.

She will be miss terribly

Wishing you all a blessed day

Much love,


squeeks 3 squeeks squeeks 2


New Basket for Front Door

Happy Sunday friends ~

I have been looking for something special for my front door for over a year, and I finally found it… I saw this on Etsy decorated with beautiful flowers, but I knew I wanted something I could decorate for each season.  I asked the buyer at Etsy if I could purchase just the basket, and she was happy to sell this to me, which made me so happy.

It has a small tin welcome sign on the front of the basket. Strap is leather ~
It has a small tin welcome sign on the front of the basket.
Strap is leather ~

Where to purchase : https://www.etsy.com/shop/WreathDreams

All flowers were purchased at Michael’s all 50% off.

Have a wonderful day~

Much love,



Beautiful Garland

Good Morning ~

Hope you are all having a wonderful Tuesday.

I purchased this beautiful garland from Etsy, and it came yesterday.  You know I had to put it up as soon as I received it.

banner 3

It is the perfect addition to my mirror…

You can purchase it at ~


She will make it to order. She does such beautiful work.

Please see other pictures.

Enjoy your day

Much love,