Master Bedroom Update

Happy Sunday my friends ~

We just did a few changes in the M/B, and wanted you to see it including the new look for balcony ~

Have a wonderful Sunday.

Much love,


new mb1
The Master Bed ~ Everything was made by my good friend Barbara.
new mb2
Such cute pictures ~ they all have a meaning’ The 3 little girls ~ top left are my 2 sisters and me. The bottom left ~ Little girl on the swing, looks just like our youngest when she was little’ The one off to the right, Our oldest daughter with her good friend when we would go to the beach, when living on Long Island
new mb3
Close up of the little doll ~ I made this so many years ago, maybe 25 years.
new mb4
I found this sign in a local craft store It says “All my love, All my Life”
new mb5
This is new to the M/B Found this at an estate sale ~ beautiful table
new mb6
Sweet little tool box ~ sits on top of the table ~ Has little lights, and look so pretty at night.
new mb7
The window was a Christmas Gift from Pete ~ Love it so much.
new mb8
Found this little sign at Hobby Lobby The vine we found at a cute little shop
new mb9
I did this stencil all around the room ~ I stenciled it lower then usual, because we have 11′ ceilings in the M/B
patio 3
New Balcony ~ I love how it came out.
patio 7
Chairs ~ Birch Lane ~ Cushion and pillows ~ Pottery Barn
flowers 2015 2
Flowers boxes ~

Flowers off the Master Bedroom

Happy Thursday All ~

Today I am sharing the flowers off the Master Bedroom ~

I chose impatiences this year ~

We took the window boxes off the main deck and put them on the balcony off the M/B ~

Summer time ~ I love it.

Have a fantastic day ~

Much love,


flowers 2015
Here are the flowers boxes ~ I love them because the flowers do not need to be watered every day. Just fill the little well on top with water and it fills the base of the boxes ~ no worrying for 2/3 days, which is wonderful if you are on vacation for a few days ~
flowers 2015 8
Here is a close up of the pretty impiences ~
flowers 2015 2
You can see the hanging vinca ~ it looks so pretty from the walkways ~
flowers 2015 4
I had this iron basket in my guest bathroom with a faux plant in it, but the plant was always so dusty so I decided to use it outside the M/B on the balcony. I love how the impatiens look in it. They are doing well, because there is no direct sunlight in this corner ~
flowers 2015 6
Side view ~
flowers 2015 5
Close up ~ I love the colors ~

New to Etsy

Hi Friends ~

New to my shop ~

One of my favorites ~  CZ cross bracelet ~ .925 Sterling silver  ~

Pretty and dainty sterling silver bar and link chain ~ Square Filigree Clasp

Also Swarovski birthstone crystals on either side of clasp.

Such a pretty gift for graduation or wedding or for everyday wear.

I hope you like this new addition to my Etsy store.

Have a wonderful day.

Much love,


Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Time

Hi All ~

Hope you are enjoying your day today ~

I purchased these 4 herb boxes through ~ Decor Steals ~  a few weeks ago.  They were delivered on Thursday.  I was so excited to get them in just the perfect place.

I noticed them on Pinterest, and loved how they were displayed, but everyone home is different.  This is why it took me a few tries before I found the right spot for them.

I think they look great on my small sofa table, because I can keep them all together ~ Two on the bottom, and two on top.

I’m very happy with how they came out.

Just added the faux plants and a few little faux flowers ~

Have a wonderful day.

Much love,



Sweet Little Tags

Hi Friends ~

Hope you are all having a wonderful Mother’s Day ~

Wanted to share with you something I purchased from one of my blogger friends Ann

 ~ On Sutton Place ~

They are the sweetest clay tags ~ everything she does has such attention to detail.

As you will see when you go to her store.

To see her wonderful things go to:

Have a wonderful day.

Much love,


Red & White Entry

Good Morning Everyone ~

Well it’s finally finished ~ My red & white entryway.

When stenciling the Welcome on the milk jug, and the stripe on the tabletop ~ I kept reminding myself, less is best, but it was so hard for me to only do the stripe & the welcome.   I wanted to add a heart stencil with little flowers on either side, but in the end I knew this looked best.

I went to a local nursery & purchased a terracotta pot ~ and painted it red ~ that really made the space a bit brighter.  I thought I had too much white, and it did need a little bit more red touches.

I am very happy with how it all came out.

Hope you all have a wonderful day ~ the weather is just beautiful ~

Much love,


A Little bit of France

Hi Friends ~

We had a HUGE garage sale this Saturday in our little town of Altamont.

It is an annual tradition ~ you find lots of good things.

I purchased this beautiful picture “A Little bit of France”

It is perfect in our office space, and I have it over my desk.  ~YEA~

Hope you enjoy it…

Enjoy your day, it’s a beauty.

Much love,