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Merry Christmas ~

Pete & I are awaiting the arrival of our girls.  Alyson could only get a late flight from LA to NY tonight, so she will be staying with Kristin & Jenny tonight then traveling tomorrow to Christmas in the country.

They should arrive by noon, so we will have brunch ready and then open gifts.

We are so excited to see them, it is not often when we all get together, and being together for Christmas is priceless.

I will be cooking today, and preparing for our dinners together for the next couple of day, so I do not have to cook when they are here.

We love watching Christmas movies, staying in our PJ’s all day, having meals together, and of course drinking wine.

The best way to spend Christmas.

Wishing you all the best Christmas Season and a happy and healthy New Year.

Happy 2015 ~ make it the best ever….

Much love,




One of the New England Village pieces – one of my favorites (the church)


Our tree 2014

One of the pieces I made this year

Another one I made………..

A few close ups of the ornaments….

My sister Josie’s favorite….

And to all a good night………….

Recipes ~



My Recipe ~

1- carrot

1- stalk of celery

Fresh baby spinach (one container)

1/2 – leek

1 – egg

baby pearl pasta (about a cup) you can add less or more if you like.  I like using a cup because the pasta will absorb the liquid and then it looks like a stew instead of a soup.

2 -containers of chicken stock

salt & pepper (to taste)

pecorino romano cheese also to taste – (we love cheese so we use a lot)


1/2 – lb of ground turkey

1/2 – lb of ground pork


Directions ~

Make meatball first – I use 1 egg, about 1t each of parsley, onion powder, and 1/2t of salt & pepper – 1/4 cup of pecorino romano cheese.  Mix all together

Set aside (I place them on a sheet of wax paper)

Prepare your stock by first cutting up leeks, celery and carrot very small

Put small about of olive oil in bottom of pot (the one you will be using for the soup) put leeks,celery & carrots and cook for about 5 ~ 7 mins.

Add chicken stock, bring to a low boil – put the meatballs into the stock.  Turn down to med heat let meatball cook for about 30 mins

Add spinach and small pearl pasta simmer for another 30 mins. 

Place in bowls and add the pecorino romano cheese…..

YUM *************


Much love,


Our Home ~


Hello all –

Just a little tour of our home – Hoping you are having a wonderful Christmas season.  

It was so much fun decorating this year.  I kept it simple – not too many things around, because when you take everything away it look quite empty…It usually takes me a couple of weeks to get use to the house again.

This is a picture of my perpetual calendar – I purchased this 20 yrs ago.

2014 Christmas Tree…..*****

The packages are wrapped in (Dollar Store) brown paper and added some ribbon, then stamped the side of the package with this cute string of lights.

So simple.

One in green… Oh and the tags are the tags I made with Christmas cards I received last year…

Looking from the Dining Room

Dining Room

Close up of the centerpiece. Gift from Pete’s cousin –

Mantel 2014

Love my little snowmen…..

New this year are the pine cones 

And in the kitchen ***  This is used for fresh fruit, but had to put a little Christmas in the kitchen as well.

Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas and an amazing 2015.

Much love,


Crafts ~


Good Morning to you all-

Today I would like to share with you a new runner for my dining room table

For step by step instructions

It was so easy – I purchased the material at~

I love how it looks in the dining room – everything is blue and white toile, and the Faux Grain Sack material is just lovely with the toile.

Have a wonderful day.

Much love,


Our Home ~


Hi Everyone, hope you are all well and having a wonderful time decorating for the holidays.

I would like to share our 2014 Christmas mantel. and a few other decorations with you all ***

It’s been fun decorating this year.  Pete is fully retired and is participating in helping me decorate & I am loving it.image

Snowflake pillow compliments of Yvonne from Stone Gable – just followed her instructions.She is one of my favorite bloggers to followimage

This is how it will look – with the little pillow in front.  Just wanted you to see the snowflake up close.

See you all in around a week or so

Much love,



As you can tell I love snow men…..



This is the sofa table I have moved to the dining room…

I will send more pictures by end of the week…image

Just a close up of the Christmas sign.

Another project I tried from Yvonne at Stone Gable

She has the most beautiful home and shares her wonderful crafts step by step with you…

Love & Family



So my story begins on November 19th, 2014 –

I traveled to Henryville PA for our annual sister’s weekend.  I usually leave 1 day before the weekend starts to spend a little time with my sister Josie.  We made cute little Christmas ornaments for each of our (6) sisters and Mom – 

Friday morning we shared a wonderful visit with coffee (which we usually have over the phone) so being in person was so special.

Around 12 noon Mary Ann, Cathy and our niece Danielle arrived.

So good to see Danielle – she is in the Navy and we are so very proud of her.

So wonderful to see  Mary Ann who lives in San Diego Ca. and Cathy in Crofton Md. so as you might know we do not see each other too often.

Wrapping arms around each other felt so good.

We sat and had lunch together just talking about anything and everything.  It was wonderful.

The girls on Long Island arrived around 3pm – we are all together, what a wonderful sight.  My Mom has to be overwhelmed to see all her daughters together in one place.

Jeanne is with the girls on Long Island – she flew from Idaho, and again so wonderful to see her.  She has such a way of showing her love to all she comes in contact with.

Lori, Theresa & Regina and of course Mom live on Long Island – I see them from time to time but again to share time with them is priceless.

We laughed and had separate conversation with each other and all together, we cooked and cleaned and just loved each other – it was wonderful.

On Sunday, we all left around the same time – Mary Ann, Jeanne, Danielle & Cathy all left for BWI where M.A and Jeanne took flights back home.

The rest of us left for Long Island to see my daughter Kristin at her book signing – yes she wrote a book (along with her business partner Dannielle) the book title  ”This is a book for Parents of Gay Kids” 

I am so proud of Kristin – as my sister Theresa said – “she is a missionary of sorts.” helping kids with this HUGE bulling problem, and just answering questions they might have about life in general.

They have a new project called “The Parent Project” which helps parent and, child who come out to their families.  Their book is an amazing reference guide for parent and child to go to for help and answers to questions they might have throughout the process of understanding each other.

Couldn’t be prouder of my daughter.  Love you so much.

I continued to spend time with the Long Island girls for 2 more day.

Lots of laughter, tears and eating and of course a glass of wine or 3 just the best time being with my family.

Pete arrived on Tuesday night for the Thanksgiving holiday, so good to see him after 6 days.

We traveled to Brooklyn on Wednesday to be with Kristin and Jenny for Thanksgiving.

Had a wonderful time with them. We watched a few movies, had a great Thanksgiving meal together and then Skyped Alyson our youngest – who lives in LA – so good to see her face – can’t wait to be with her for Christmas (this will be another story)

I have such a warm feeling of contentment and love as I visit with my daughter and daughter-in-law Jenny.

Their home has so much love that you feel it all around you.

Such a beautiful visit.

Pete and I traveled back to Altamont reflecting back on our wonderful visit with everyone.

God Bless you all and I thank you all for the best 8 days of love.

Much love,