Our Home ~


Hi Again –

So today we went to an estate sale – I found this beautiful old table.  It has two sides that fold down – and everything was made without using one nail.

The way furniture was made years ago amazes me.

It will last and last for me to pass down to my children.

Here is the story how we got this home…

The estate sale was down the block from us – Pete used a dolly to put the table on and wheeled it home… I wonder what that must of looked like.  I was not there for that.  What a great guy to do this for me..

Well here’s the table – Isn’t it absolutely beautiful.

Much love,


Our Home ~


I would love to share with you what I received from the wonderful man in my life –

He made my mother’s day so special – He did everything I wanted to do and then some –

After all he did – he came into the room with this beautiful picture (a picture he took over this past winter) he had it put onto canvas and then framed.

It is one of the most beautiful pictures he has ever taken…

I love it so much – 

I hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day…

Much love,



The picture on canvas.

This was taken right down the street from where we live..


It now has a place in the Family Room so I can see it every day..


I have crossed stitched this from the girls a long time ago – but it really says what they believe about there Dad ..if you can’t read it – it says

Of all the blessings I’ve possessed MY DAD among the very best.

Our Home ~


Good Morning –

I’ve been wanting to share with you all this cute little pillow I made many years ago.

I think I was just learning cross stitching.  It now hangs in my guest room.

I only measures 3”x2” but it is just so cute.

Have a wonderful day.

Much love,


Love & Family




It is such a beautiful sunny day in upstate NY.  The birds are singing and the grass is so green.

The trees are in bloom with all their flowers –

Such a beautiful picture outside.

I have to say Spring and Fall are my favorite seasons.

Spring because everything is new again.  Life is like that –

The newness of everything is just overwhelming  – always makes my heart feel so good.

It should be going up to 60 degrees today and the week looks perfect, sun and the 60’s is just fine for me.

This is what life is all about – the little things that make us so happy.

The sun shinning and the birds singing – the love of your life sitting next to you – enjoying a cup of coffee. 

Thank you Lord for the beauty in my life….Thank you for all those who mean so much to me, and always keep them safe.

Wishing you all the best Sunday –

Much love,