Our Home ~

Reveal of my Laundry Room / Jewelery Space

So here it is- Finally got all my pictures together – sorry it took so long.

We redid our laundry room over the summer 2013 – I love it.  Pete painted and wallpapered.

He did a beautiful job.

We had a local carpenter put up the shelf and cabinets.

I love the shelf – Gives room for all those little things you need as you do your wash.  And a few decorative things as well.

This picture is what you see when you look into the laundry room from our hall

The little cabinet holds the large box of Tide, large container of Woolite  and large items I need for my jewelry business.

Just another view…

Here is my jewelry shop…I love it…It was once a large closet and we took the door off to create this beautiful space.

Pete put 2 cabinets on the floor and purchased a large piece of formica table top – just put it on top of the 2 cabinets and that was it.

I had a light put in for task lighting.

Here is a close up of the space.

The girls brought me the bulletin board and I added to it with the other small shelf – It leave more room for my projects.

Bulletin board & small shelf  – Pottery barn

Cabinets, formica table top and shelves with corbels –  Home Depot

Made my little business card holder…




Good Morning Family & Friends..

I am so excited to tell you all Pete & I clicked the button last night at 8pm to open the Etsy store.

I was so excited I was getting emotional – 

It’s a great feeling knowing you have put so much time and love into something you have worked so hard on.

God Bless this man I married, he has helped me through it all-

All the little details – all the pictures – all the time he took out of his day to help me become an Etsy shop owner.

I couldn’t have asked for anything more… Hun you are the BEST guy in the whole world…I love you so much for everything you do for me.

To get to my shop just click on the little ETSY button on the right side of this post OR use the sight below…..


Thank you all for hanging in there with me – 

Much love,