Our Home ~



Our dining room – all clean and sparkling.


Another view


These little bunnies were purchased in Spiegel many years ago – I keep them in the china cabinet all year – just can’t put these little guys away.


Close up of the dining room table – the bottles on the table are filled with paraffin and a long candle wick – they look so pretty at night.


Looking inside the china cabinet –


Better picture of the tiny tea pot – sugar bowl and creamer.

Received from a good friend – Came from Holland…

My beautiful chandelier, all clean and sparkling. 

The buffet ….. 

Love & Family




Is this the sweetest tea cup ever.

I saw this in Home Goods the other day and had to take it home with me..


Even the saucer is so pretty


This is the inside of the cup.

I bet a cup of tea would taste amazing in this cup.. Right now it is just on display on my pie table – (gift from Pete)  

Thought it would give the house a bit of spring



Good Morning Family & Friends-

I know I have not posted in a bit, but I have been busy spring cleaning.

It’s Sunday morning about 7:45 and I am sitting in my favorite chair, in Pete’s office- I have my best inspiration in this spot.

I want to tell you how grateful I am to have the life I have.

Pete (my husband) has given me everything that I have ever dreamed of.  It’s hard for him to say NO to me, and that makes life a bit easier, even though I don’t know it, I guess you could say I take advantage of the good nature he is always giving me.

The other day we were discussing getting hardwood floors, we had someone come out to measure and give us a price. The price was crazy, and I saw the look of confusion on Pete’s face.  He told the person we needed to think about it.  OMG I knew then I was not getting the floors.

I considered not going to California – (a trip we planned) and to let you know I have been looking forward to this trip for quite some time.

Kristin, ALy & Jenny were going to be there – not to mention my wonderful sister (who lives there) and her whole family – along with a few nieces and nephews.

After a few hours of wondering how we could make this happen, I started to think about FAMILY…….Family is the most important thing in the whole word to me, how could I do that – how could I make the wood floors more important then my FAMILY………How awful ……..

My mind was wondering all over the place, I finally went into Pete’s office and said “Hun I don’t think we should get the floors” he was so grateful, and so happy he didn’t have to think about how he was going to do this for me.

It was the best feeling in the world to see the look of love on his face, and knowing he didn’t have to spend the money.  

I made the right choice – to be with the people I love so very much.

And for this and so many other things in my life I am truly grateful…

Much love,


Our Home ~

Reveal of my Laundry Room / Jewelery Space

So here it is- Finally got all my pictures together – sorry it took so long.

We redid our laundry room over the summer 2013 – I love it.  Pete painted and wallpapered.

He did a beautiful job.

We had a local carpenter put up the shelf and cabinets.

I love the shelf – Gives room for all those little things you need as you do your wash.  And a few decorative things as well.

This picture is what you see when you look into the laundry room from our hall

The little cabinet holds the large box of Tide, large container of Woolite  and large items I need for my jewelry business.

Just another view…

Here is my jewelry shop…I love it…It was once a large closet and we took the door off to create this beautiful space.

Pete put 2 cabinets on the floor and purchased a large piece of formica table top – just put it on top of the 2 cabinets and that was it.

I had a light put in for task lighting.

Here is a close up of the space.

The girls brought me the bulletin board and I added to it with the other small shelf – It leave more room for my projects.

Bulletin board & small shelf  – Pottery barn

Cabinets, formica table top and shelves with corbels –  Home Depot

Made my little business card holder…




Good Morning Family & Friends..

I am so excited to tell you all Pete & I clicked the button last night at 8pm to open the Etsy store.

I was so excited I was getting emotional – 

It’s a great feeling knowing you have put so much time and love into something you have worked so hard on.

God Bless this man I married, he has helped me through it all-

All the little details – all the pictures – all the time he took out of his day to help me become an Etsy shop owner.

I couldn’t have asked for anything more… Hun you are the BEST guy in the whole world…I love you so much for everything you do for me.

To get to my shop just click on the little ETSY button on the right side of this post OR use the sight below…..


Thank you all for hanging in there with me – 

Much love,


Our Home ~

Guest Bathroom

As you can see …… this is our guest bath-

We painted it the same color as the one wall in the Guest Room

It’s very pretty soft green… 

Who knew you could find so many bird houses in green.

They were all purchased in Hobby Lobby – along with everything you see on the walls.. Really love that place.

Purchased the shower curtain, small garbage canister, tissue box & soap dispenser in Bed Bath & Beyond…

Hope as always you’ve enjoyed my post.

Much love,


Our Home ~

Guest Bedroom


This has to be one of my favorite rooms.  The pink and green and the lace curtains just make this room so inviting.

The little chairs was Pete’s when he was small – we just had this reupholstered and repaired (the seat was so old you couldn’t sit in it) – Now guests can and read a book or have a cup of tea.

I made the sign on the door…Purchased the wood at Michael’s and painted it the same color as the walls in the hall then used a paint pen (also Michael’s)  and added the words to it…so simple…..

The “DO NOT DISTURB” sign – I made many years ago when I was into cross stitch.  I recently picked it up again.. I forgot how much I enjoyed it…

Hope you enjoyed the tour of the Guest Bedroom

Much love,