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Good Morning-

I know it is still winter, but we are heading towards March, and in this month we do see signs of spring… Once in awhile there is a nice warm day – 

I for one am looking forward to signs of Spring….the smell of fresh cut grass, beautiful flowers, green grass (NO SNOW) sitting on top –

Longer days, sitting outside in my rocker soaking up some sun.

This has been a long winter in the North East. Lots of snow (which at the time winter starts is beautiful) but we need spring NOW…..

I am wishing you all a very beautiful day today.

God Bless 

Much love,


Love & Family



This past weekend Pete & I spent time at Kristin & Jenny’s –

Aly was home for a trade show –  it was so good to be with her.

I love when we are all together – It doesn’t happen that often, and being with them makes me so happy.

While we were there we took some time to see the Greenwood Cemetery –

What a beautiful place.  The weather was beautiful and Aly was not going to sit inside – so we walked around the cemetery –

Had the best time with the girls –

Family is so important to all of us, and I see it every time we are all together.

Thank you Lord, for all the blessing you have given us.

Much love,


Love & Family


Please everyone check out this beautiful website –

Intro to her website:

Welcome and so glad you stopped by! 
My name is Cathy Reilly.  As a Registered Nurse and Fertility Care Practitioner, I offer women and couples education that will support and protect their Reproductive Health.. 
We’ll be defining Fertility Awareness and looking at  the Creighton Model of Fertility Care, which after 30 years of amazing research, has unraveled the mysteries of the menstrual and fertility cycle.
We’ll also look at the benefits of a woman’s Health Science called NaProTechnology,  which monitors and maintains her gynecologic and reproductive health by identifying problems and treating them cooperatively using her natural cycle. 
I’ve included some helpful Resources and  How to Register for a One-Hour Introductory Session

Love & Family


Sit down and relax – enjoy the pictures I have to share with you –

I’ve changed my blog yet another time. 

I wanted something that would be more user friendly for me, and to all who view my blog.


Much love,


Recipes ~

Pasta with tomato broccoli & shri


leek – 1/2

basil – 6 leaves

plum tomato’s – 5/6

broccoli – 1small head

shrimp – 36 jumbo shrimp

pasta – 3/4 lb.

olive oil – 1/4 cup

white wine 1/4 – 1/2 cup

Pecorino Romano cheese

Salt & Pepper


Put large pot of water on for pasta

In large skillet add olive oil saute 1/2 a leek, about 5/7 mins. 

Cut tomatoes and put into saute leeks – put cover on pan and simmer for 10 mins.

Add broccoli (or whatever vegetable you like) – simmer covered for 5/6 mins.

You will see that you need a little more liquid for the vegetables – I use 1/4 – 1/2 cup of white wine, but you can also use chicken stock.

When pasta is almost finished – put shrimp into broccoli & tomato mix. Add cover again and cook for 5 mins or until shrimp is cooked.

Drain pasta …..

Add vegetable & shrimp mixture to pasta and top with Pecorino Romano cheese.

Chop basil and sprinkle on top of pasta.


Makes enough for 6 servings.

Love & Family



Today I want to tell you about 2 very special people in my life –

There names are Theresa & Regina.  They are my younger sisters.

I am always amazed  when I am with them.  I am constantly learning from them –

The relationship they have with each other is beautiful.  They are there for each other, in most everything they do.

I have had the pleasure of being in their company 3 weekends in a row, and to see them interact with each other – makes my heart overflow with love –

Such beauty and peace surround them, and I for one am proud to call them my sisters.  

There is nothing selfish in there bones, they are there for my Mom – always doing for her and making her feel so special.

We all live in different parts of the U.S. so we do try and help, but for the most part it’s up to the 2 little sisters, and let me tell you, they do it with such grace and beauty.

I love you both for taking such good care of Mom and each other.

As the saying above says “enjoy the little things in life, because one day you will realize those little things were really the BIG things in your life”

This goes out to my baby sisters –

Bless you both – Theresa & Regina…

Much love,


Crafts ~


How to create heart frame:

Print off heart template – 

Gather as many buttons as you can (what ever color you like)

I love pink and white – so that is what I used.

You will need a hot glue gun – utility knife (blade).

Don’t do what I did – I put the the glue on the back of the button and then attached it to the template – half way through I burned my finger pretty bad.

After burning my finger, I decided to put the hot glue on the outline of the heart and then put the button down.  (much better)

Go all the way around the heart with your buttons, then put one button in the center of each button you just put down.

See 2nd 3rd and 4th picture for more detail –

After you have finished with all the buttons – use a utility knife to cut around the outside and inside of the heart.

Pictures will follow of “Home is where the heart is” Cross stitch.

Not completed yet.



Close up of center of heart  


Close up of right side of the heart


Close up of left side of the heart.

Enjoy – I loved making this….